Continuous Improvement

StrataJazz is an automated analytics solution that not only identifies savings opportunities in areas such as quality and utilization variation and staffing, but more importantly, provides clinical and operational workflows to drive improvement.

Health System Improvement Technology Software StrataJazz

Health systems across the country are looking for better ways to collaborate with clinicians on quality improvement and cost reduction. Finance leaders in particular recognize the critical importance of fully engaging clinical leaders to help their organizations to move towards value-based payment models. They also recognize that their goals of reducing hospital costs while maintaining quality must become a continuous effort, not just a one-time initiative.

With StrataJazz, the analytics required to find true hospital and healthcare cost savings is automated for you. StrataJazz identifies variances in quality, utilization and staffing that represent significant savings opportunities and then provides clinical and operational workflows so you can drive improvements, track results and cultivate accountability.

StrataJazz provides data on the cost savings opportunities, cost reduction targets, performance improvement strategy, anticipated savings and tracks progress via a dashboard that enables users to drill into each cost and quality improvement initiative. This data feeds back to other StrataJazz modules so you can adjust forecasts and budgets accordingly.

To help organizations achieve this, Strata has partnered with Yale New Haven Health System to embed their clinically-proven Quality Variation Indicator (QVI) methodology into StrataJazz (see more below).

  • Utilization Variation

    StrataJazz reduces the financial impact associated with disparities in care delivery by pinpointing variances such as supply usage, length of stay and ancillary services usage that are negatively affecting your cost reduction initiatives.

  • Staffing to Demand

    StrataJazz identifies staffing misalignments and quantifies labor reduction opportunities so you can make the most informed and cost-effective decisions without impacting patient care.

  • Quality Variation

    StrataJazz leverages Quality Variation Indicators to help hospitals identify the financial impact of adverse events.  This allows hospitals to review clinical and financial outcomes data together and understand the cost and margin impact to the hospital.