Leading-decision-support-technologyAs a healthcare leader, you can no longer rely on just growing the top line as the fuel for your growth. To survive, you must find ways to lower costs while improving quality and delivering value.

StrataJazz marries clinical, operational and financial data to deliver accurate and actionable cost data across the entire continuum of care.  With an advanced cost accounting engine that integrates with EDW, ERP and EHR solutions including EPIC, you can see what is driving up costs at a patient, service and entity level. As a result, you can determine where to focus your energy to improve margins and quality.

StrataJazz is an integrated performance analytics platform for financial planning, decision support and continuous improvement, therefore cost reduction targets and savings are tied directly back to financial plans and budgets. This enables you to close the fiscal planning loop and ensure cost savings stick.

  • Cost Accounting

    StrataJazz enables a healthcare system to understand the true cost and margins for patient care across episodes of care, service lines and patient populations so they can reduce variation, waste and inefficiency, and ultimately improve care. With its advanced cost modeling and analytics engine, you can pinpoint opportunities to reduce cost and improve margin all the way down to the patient level.

  • Contract Analytics

    StrataJazz accurately reports on estimated revenue received for contract payments before the actual payment has been received, as well as provides an understanding of the financial implications of changes in reimbursement contracts. Contract modeling helps you determine profitability and engage in more informed payer negotiations.

  • Consulting

    Our services ensure the effective implementation, maintenance, utilization and optimization of StrataJazz, saving you valuable time and providing peace of mind knowing your costing process is being handled by industry experts.