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About Advanced Cost Accounting

"Our old system took us 32 hours to run a cost model...and now with StrataJazz® we can do that in just hours"

Two years ago, Milwaukee-based Aurora Health Care faced a problem common to 90 percent of health systems. We were operating in the dark—or to be generous, under a dim lightbulb—about our costs. In some ways, we were ahead of many health systems. We had formal processes in place to review costs, as well as a legacy system. But we faced significant challenges providing timely, trustworthy, and actionable cost data to inform performance improvement efforts and strategic planning.  Read the case study here on how it only took the organization 5 months to implement StrataJazz®.

Listen to his implementation story of the most Advanced Cost Accounting System in the industry, StrataJazz®.

Problem: Healthcare providers have little to no access to accurate and actionable information on the cost of care.  According to a recent survey, 90% of healthcare leaders are “flying blind” when it comes to understanding cost.   How can you reduce variation, waste and inefficiency in order to invest in and improve care if you don’t have any access to data?

Solution: StrataJazz is rated #1 in KLAS for Decision Support and Advanced Cost Accounting and is known as the “gold standard” for understanding cost and margins and the most sophisticated Business Intelligence engine in healthcare.  Advanced Cost Accounting has become the first true “killer app” to hit the financial side of hospitals since the endless flurry of systems that were deployed over the last 40 years for revenue cycle management.  StrataJazz is central to delivering value as understanding cost has shifted from a back room broken process to an urgent board room strategic priority.


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