How to Keep Hospital Employees Current With Software

Hospital managers use digitized technology to help streamline processes that the hospitals would otherwise have difficulty completing alone. However, how do we keep employees up to date with the latest software? They are, of course, here to treat patients. Not to deal with technology.

Hospital Management Tips

Hospital computer software can be bewildering for the employee who has historically relied on more manual processes. Providing resources to employees can help only as much as employees will use them. Primarily, how can the hospital manager incentivize his employees to use and become accustom new technology?

1. Reward high personal performance

  • Paid Time Off
  • Goal Oriented Rewards
  • Praise Reward Mechanisms
  • Promote Seminar, Training, Learning Options
  • Promotion Activities
  • Incentive Payroll

Hospital staff, like all staff, respond to labor reward factors. By building in work performance incentives such as paid time off, a goal oriented reward system, public praise, allowing seminar/training and learning travel, and incentive pay for excellent performance, managers can elevate performance.

2. Create training employee value

  • Managers can demonstrate training value
  • Managers can create learning opportunities through training
  • Managers can embrace healthy competition
  • Managers can realize rewards/training drive ROI

Creating a employee training program benefits the company bottom line. Managers do realize this need.

3. Provide technology training tools

  • Employees learn another option to manual workflow
  • Employees learn digital performance tools
  • Employees see their performance uptick with incentives
  • Employees capture more personal time
  • Employees benefit from interpersonal training time

Technology use gives employees the tools for incentivization and ROI. Employees are kept up-to-date through the hospital lifecycle. As hospital managers know, product benefits cannot be captured within a single informational article. So much more value is available. The healthcare industry can partner with Strata Decision Technology and find a way to bend the cost curve to advantage. Data must be accurate, comprehensive and accessible to managers and on-site hospital staff.

October 11, 2018