Hospital & Healthcare Decision Support

In the healthcare field, there is one universal goal that drives all decision making. This is to provide high quality care, efficiently and effectively. With this in mind, healthcare providers of all kinds must be well informed of all the possible outcomes that the decisions they make may bring about. Not only do these possibilities need to be assessed, but healthcare organizations also need to be equipped with the most up to date knowledge of market trends, targets, and progress within their corporation, in order to do what is best for their patients.

Making A Difference

These decisions can be extremely difficult to make, especially if there is not a system in place that helps determine what direction to head in. Not only do clinicians need to be informed about these options, but patients themselves need to be aware of decisions being made at their expense, as well. A healthcare team consists of professionals from different sectors of the medical field and administrators, all of whom must come together to share information, ideas, and potential solutions to individual cases. The patient and their family are also part of this dynamic team, and therefore need to be up to speed on what is happening throughout the process.

Healthcare decision support is now a standard in the healthcare world. Without clinical decision support, all personnel involved in patient healthcare are less likely to fully understand or have access to patient information. When all of the necessary components to a system are not working together seamlessly, in this case the members of a healthcare team, the end result may suffer. There is no reason that any one patient should be affected by the shortcomings of their healthcare providers, especially when the reasoning could be something as simple as poor decision making. Not only does patient care increase in quality with decision support in place, the hospital or clinic’s financial status is improved greatly.

What Is The Solution?

In the past, healthcare decision support was completed by hand via an analyst. At Strata Decision Technology, we have perfected hospital decision support and designed a user friendly system that has changed decision support, organizational analytics, and delivery of care, forever. Our comprehensive platform, SrataJazz, is used by over 1,000 healthcare organizations across the country. In the United States alone, 1 in 5 hospitals has integrated our software into their operating system.

StrataJazz combines the needs of every healthcare organization into one system, used for financial planning, operating budgeting, capital and strategic planning, and decision support. Each component is tied together, promising to improve upon costs, while allowing administrators and physicians to work alongside one another to make decisions that are in the best interest of the patients and the business. By keeping annual expenditures low and guiding decision makers on where and when to save, Strata Decision’s experts will ensure that our customers are working smarter, not harder, when it comes to running an efficient healthcare organization.

Cost Accounting’s Importance

Hospital decision support is made possible through StrataJazz’s cost accounting, contract analysis, and consulting. Strata Decision allows our customers the guidance of trusted professionals in the industry who can offer maintenance and maximum utilization of StrataJazz, while saving decision makers’ time. These industry experts will provide sound, proactive advice from the start to end of every project and decision undertaken by the hospital or clinic. By using accurate, current data, healthcare systems can get a better understanding of cost and margins for different markets within the industry. This knowledge can be used as leverage in saving opportunities, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Patient specific care variations are also taken into account, which result in cost improvements in specific cases that stray from normal standards by determining where money can be saved in these cases. By looking at outside information on markets across the healthcare industry, risk can be assessed productively, resulting in more stable decisions. StrataJazz allows providers to have a better understanding of the contracts that they are operating with, creating opportunity to make more informed decisions on working with payers. These decisions can result in savings that would otherwise not be made aware to the organization.

Healthcare decision support increases patient and clinician knowledge and guidance while navigating through medical care. This knowledge stems from the patient’s past medical history, clinical research, and relevant references, providing a guideline for how the patient should be treated. StrataJazz integrates patient information for physicians to easily access, increasing positive health outcomes, reducing room for errors, and increasing efficiency, by allowing specific cases to be incorporated in analytics. Rolling forecasts, productivity reporting, operating budgeting, and capital and physician planning are included in one platform, allowing for necessary information to be at the healthcare organizations fingertips when they need.

Organization With StrataJazz

Organization is key when it comes to the many components of providing healthcare to patients. StrataJazz is an all in one stop for hospital and healthcare decision support. Our system improves staff collaboration and productivity by ensuring all prior, necessary knowledge is accessible so that a plan can be created for maximum care outcomes. StrataJazz is ideal for any healthcare organization looking to consolidate and improve their healthcare decision support, changing their patient’s lives, for the better.