Strata Services

Strata Decision empowers your organizational strategy and improves your bottom line.

Advanced Functionality

Maximize your current StrataJazz® capabilities by enabling new features and importing in new data sets.

  • Add Quality Variance Indicators™ (QVIs) into DSS: Analyze quality and cost together to provide analytics for quality and service line leadership.
  • Add Equipment Replacement to Your Capital Solution: Increase visibility on equipment and minor capital expenses into the future to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve quality of patient care.
  • Add Data From Across Continuum of Care: Integrate data from across multiple care settings to provide a complete picture of patients’ cost per episode.
  • Utilize Scenario Analytics in Strategic Planning: View potential financial outcomes without making changes to baseline models, to better understand impact of changes in the healthcare industry.
  • Align StrataJazz® Configuration to Your Growing Organization: Configure StrataJazz® to match your changing organization’s need for transparency and ease of use.

Training and Certification

Provide end users and system administrators with the educational tools they need to efficiently use the system. Strata Decision training is hands-on, simulation-based, focusing on tasks, functionality and system architecture.

  • StrataJazz® eLearning: Designed to accelerate end user competency, StrataJazz® eLearning is a combination of functional explanations, simulation and proficiency checks covering tasks that users will need to do based on their roles. eLearning is web-based so users can work at their own pace and access the system anytime and anywhere.
  • StrataJazz® Administrator Certification: A 4-day program, hosted in our downtown Chicago training center, consists of classroom training, hands-on exercises and access to our experts. Topics include system architecture, troubleshooting guidance and advanced system functions. System admins will leave training better equipped to maintain and optimize their StrataJazz® modules and support end users.


Partner with an experienced Strata Decision resource to assist your organization in maintaining your system, running your processes and/or creating advanced reports when you need them.  Strata-as-a-Service is designed enable your organization to leverage the system to the fullest capacity, without hiring additional resources.

  • Cost Accounting-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will maintain your cost model and on a monthly basis, run cost accounting and provide users with dashboards and custom analysis. Strata Decision will provide guidance on implementing best practice procedures and cost models.
  • Contact Analytics-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will monitor and maintain payer contract configurations, including updating fee schedules and payment terms. Strata Decision will design and develop scenarios and analyses to strengthen your position in payer negotiations.
  • RVU Studies-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will lead the RVU build process from beginning to end in conjunction with your organization’s Decision Support and/or Finance team.  Activities will include RVU validation, updating cost models and developing a process to maintain accurate and updated RVUs.
  • Strategic Planning-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will assist with development and maintenance of the long range financial plan and rolling forecasts by managing data reconciliation, entering and running forecasts and scenarios.  Strata Decision can support monthly/quarterly processes and report distribution.
  • Monthly Management Reporting-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will manage field mapping and configuration on a monthly basis, monitor flex budgeting rules and facilitate the rollout of monthly variance surveys.
  • Capital Optimization-as-a-Service: Strata Decision resource(s) will review forecasted capital spend for projects, incorporate changes into the operational plan and facilitate organizational alignment on capital investment decisions.  Activities include providing reports and seeking consensus from your organization to adjust, delay, advance or cancel components of the organization’s capital plan.

Professional Services

Effective process implementation and governance is critical to the success of your financial planning, decision support and continuous improvement initiatives. Professional Services helps your organization establish and sustain impactful and efficient financial management processes, including dynamic budgeting and continuous improvement.

Strata Decision will partner with stakeholders across your organization to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your current processes, then recommend an optimal process for your organization.   A senior Strata Decision resource will outline an actionable roadmap and lead you through planning and rollout of process transformation, including building the  mindset, skillset and toolset. Through process design, role alignment, thoughtful rollout and adoption planning, Strata Decision will work with you to implement a results-oriented, nimble, sustainable, and value-focused financial management process.

  • Transition to Activity-Based Budgeting
  •  Understand Risks to Your Strategic Plan and Forecast Financial Results with Scenario Analytics