Continuous Improvement: Quality Variation Indicator Methodology and Product Update

As part of a $125 million Value Improvement Initiative, Quality Variation Indicators (QVIs) were developed by Yale New Haven Health System’s financial and clinical leaders who realized that they needed to learn to speak the same language on cost and quality metrics in order to reach the health system’s goal of reducing variation, improving patient outcomes, and decreasing overall costs. Strata and Yale New Haven partnered together to incorporate the Quality Variation Indicators within Decision Support and Continuous Improvement, to provide transparency related to the cost of sub-optimal care. The Quality Variation Indicators have recently been updated to allow for more clearly related and actionable conditions. Likewise, the Continuous Improvement product has been enhanced to allow for more granular and actionable initiative tracking. Learn more about the new Quality Variation Indicator methodology and the product updates.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the origin of Quality Variation Indicators and how they have impacted care
2. Learn how Quality Variation Indicators have been updated
3. Understand product changes related to QVIs and how initiatives have been made more actionable

March 30, 2018