Cost Improvement Programs that Work

In today’s fiscally-conscious healthcare environment, many health systems have at least some focus and structure on cost reduction. However, it is not uncommon for these efforts to feel rushed, unorganized, and even chaotic at times. Typically, significant savings opportunities are identified in only a matter of weeks with the expectation that the costs will be removed shortly thereafter. While this approach may work once or twice, it is not a sustainable methodology for ongoing cost reduction programs.

Between Strata’s Decision Support and Continuous Improvement solutions, we are essentially helping to manage hundreds of cost reduction programs across our client base. This provides unique insights into what works, what doesn’t, and common pitfalls organizations struggle with in their efforts towards real, hard dollar realized savings. Join us as we share “What Great Looks Like”. Naturally, it can be overwhelming trying to get to best practice status all at once. So, we’ll make it simple by outlining a step-by-step approach for cost improvement programs that work!

• Define what “great” looks like regarding comprehensive cost improvement programs
• Walk through the step-by-step approach towards best practice and how to get there