Pricing Transparency: The Road to Readiness

n this session, Strata Decision Technology strategic pricing experts, Liz Kirk & Jen Zomick, will educate attendees about how health systems should prepare for the new Hospital Pricing Transparency law that goes into effect in January 2021. They will share insights into important topics:

• The Basics: What will these rules mean to your organization? How will they work? What do they actually require?
• Considerations: What are the risks to my health system when we publish our data as the law requires? What strategic decisions should my organization make before 1/1/21? What opportunities do these rules open up for us?
• Implications: How might this impact my market position? relationships with patients? My reimbursement from payers? My margin? How can I project this in advance & mitigate significant risk?
• Opportunities: What should I do now to prepare and reduce risk? Is there a roadmap or checklist I can follow? How do I do this with my existing resources for 2021 and beyond?