Take the Stress Out of These Common Budgeting Problems

March 29, 2018

In a recent poll given by HFMA, 91% of organizations use an annual budget, yet 74% of hospitals and healthcare systems state their budget is out of date within the first quarter of the fiscal year, but spend up to 6 months creating, finalizing, and approving their budget. Spending this much time on something that is out of date so soon is not only frustrating, but requires a large amount of time and effort from valuable resources. Join this webinar where we will help you take the stress of out of common budgeting problems and be able to walk away with the tools to:

  • Facilitate an end-to-end process and eliminate offline work
  • Reduce iterations and number of review cycles
  • Prevent rework and improving morale
  • Support a more agile and accurate planning approach
  • Embrace feedback and improving legacy processes