The CIO’s Role in Cost Improvement

For the last decade, CIOs have been consumed with implementing and gaining adoption for EHRs. Now that they are implemented and widely adopted, we’ve arrived in the “post-EHR era” — and the CIO’s role is shifting.

While CIOs haven’t traditionally been financially focused, they are now key players in the cost improvement conversation. The CIO has two vital responsibilities specific to driving out costs: stewardship of the organization-wide IT spend and enabling cost savings initiatives to produce real savings. If a CIO is not viewing his or her role in this way, the organization is undoubtedly not realizing all of the savings available to them.

This webinar to learn how CIO’s role is shifting and topics that focus on:
-The power of the platform in reducing cost
-Reducing customizations
-Simplifying the IT stack to get greater functionality
-Promoting self-service access to actionable information
-Overcoming ‘integration infatuation’
-Recognizing the need for niche technology

April 11, 2018