The New Conversation on Cost

As the industry shifts from volume to value, it’s no surprise that finding cost reduction solutions has emerged as the #1 priority for healthcare providers. Traditional efforts designed to increase “top line” growth are quickly being replaced with strategies to improve the “bottom line” on a continual basis.
While “reducing costs” sounds like a straightforward task, it’s not so simple, as organizations can’t sacrifice outcomes for the sake of savings. To achieve true value, leaders must find ways to improve outcomes without raising costs.

Attend this webinar to:
• Learn how driving value over volume will lead to cost savings, an increase in margin and most importantly, how it will help you enhance the care you provide.
• Hear how Yale New Have Health has saved more than $125M by implementing a process that includes providing and sharing cost data among clinical, financial and operational leaders.
• Find out how you can identify opportunities to reduce costs on an on-going basis

April 11, 2018