Understanding and Managing Post Acute Care: The Key to Value-Based Care

As value-based care and bundled payments take center stage, understanding the cost across the continuum of care is more critical than ever. Post Acute Care is now in the spotlight in order improve or maintain margins. With this new reality, it is essential to have comprehensive understanding of these business lines both from operating model and data perspective. Every organization needs to better understand what the major cost drivers are in this space whether post acute care is part of your health system or you are relying on a third party.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand why Post Acute Care why it’s is important to your health system
2. Understand the business & data model of a Senior Living Home ( HSL)
3. Understand the Home Health business and Data Model
4. Understand relevant cost accounting approaches and you can leverage the methodologies for your organization

March 30, 2018