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Self-Service Analytics Drive $300K in Labor Cost Savings

Leaders Need Data to Understand Performance

Most health systems struggle with getting relevant, timely information to department leaders and executives to enable data-driven decisions. The lack of accessible information typically results in 1) leaders sending multiple ad hoc report requests to the Decision Support or Analytics team, 2) leaders making decisions without a full understanding of root causes and the likely impact, or 3) the Decision Support team producing and distributing multiple, disparate reports to decision makers that users have difficulty understanding and often don’t use.

A large, multi-site healthcare system in Texas was experiencing this problem. The Decision Support team was overwhelmed with data requests despite the routine reports they created manually and sent out monthly. Leaders were doing their own analyses without a full understanding of the data and without a 360 degree view of the problem. The Decision Support team was incredibly busy supporting end users, but leaders were not getting what they needed to make sound decisions.

This organization drove results and impact

26 facilities have standardized reporting

Fewer associates needed for report development

1500 hours per year redeployed to high volume projects

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