Measuring Downstream Financial Impact of Provider Clinics

June 10, 2019

Each year, hospitals continue to invest in outpatient services to meet the needs and preferences of their patients, drive clinical innovation with new technologies and facilities, and follow financial incentives. The support of government policies and health plans are leading healthcare providers to offer their services in lower-cost care settings like outpatient facilities, and those same systems have been acquiring or partnering with physicians and physician practices. The future of healthcare has hospitals focused on new medical advances (like minimally-invasive surgical procedures and techniques) and consumer preference, but with limited ability to view how these new outpatient structures will impact their bottom line.

In this guide, learn how and why hospitals lack visibility into the downstream impact of these outpatient investments. Find out why hospitals need reliable data sources to be able to track the impact of these investments on their full suite of healthcare facilities within their system, and what it can reveal about the financial performance of their health system or hospitals that they may be missing.


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