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Our curriculum is designed to make sure you get the most out of your EPSi investment. This learning environment, exclusively for EPSi clients, creates experts where once there were only basic software users. We’re your source of industry insights and strategic guidance. It’s not only a skills training opportunity but also a place for your career building and professional development. All centralized training courses are free of charge for EPSi clients.

Available Centralized Training Courses

June 15 – 16: Register Here

August 24 – 25: Register Here

October 19 – 10: Register Here

This is an introductory hands-on workshop that focuses on our Product Line Analysis report writing solutions within EPSi. This is a great opportunity for users to get additional refresher training on a variety of PLA topics as well as tips and tricks for writing useful PLA reports.

July 22 – 23

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This advanced course offers a hands-on learning approach. A detailed overview of Strategic Product Budgeting with an emphasis on integrating the long range financial planning process with annual operating budget development will be provided. SPB requires a strong working knowledge of a variety of EPSi’s applications including PLA, Cost Manager and Budget Manager.

July 13 – 15: Register Here

October 5 – 7: Register Here

A deep dive introductory course that includes the steps of the costing process and an introduction to the various costing methodologies. Comprehensive training on the setup and ongoing use of Cost Manager as well as the reconciliation process and cost balancing reporting will be provided. In addition, this course includes hands-on workshops for each step of the costing process.

July 27 – 29: Register Here

November 16 – 18: Register Here

A deep dive introductory course that includes a comprehensive exploration of the budget process for both the general ledger and payroll budgets.  This course will also include forecasting, variance analysis and flexible budgeting.  Finally, attendees will learn how to generate both general ledger and payroll reports. This course contains hands on workshops for each step of the budget process.

August 10 – 12: Register Here

December 7 – 9: Register Here

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the Product Line Analysis application. Included within the agenda are list groups, product lines, data manager, clinical analysis, and reporting. This course is ideal for new staff members within your organization or those who need basic refresher training. This course includes hands-on workshops allowing the participants to create and load an external list, create a product line, user-defined field, ruleset, and clinical analysis codes, as well as several reports

September 14 – 15

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Attendees will learn how to leverage the data coming back from the benchmarking company for reporting and variance analysis in EPSi and to incorporate real time workforce management.

September 28 – 29

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This course provides a deep dive into the EPSi system’s Security Administration as well as, Portal, Report, and Data Administration. Topics will include administering user security and setup, loading and reconciling data, protecting health information (PHI), data extender, new year setup, data set maintenance, delete utilities, the data manager tool, and archiving patient data.

November 2 – 3

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This workshop focuses on using costing results and Product Line Analysis to identify clinical opportunities utilizing the Clinical Analysis application. As an advanced course, this session assumes that the attendee has a good working knowledge of PLA and Cost Manager. Topics will include the development of clinical analysis codes and the use of reporting and data visualization.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most educational experiences and opportunities for our clients, our Client Success Team has created content, curricula and courses to deepen the knowledge base of our EPSi software and its offerings. This Client Success portal is the go-to place for:

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This monthly meeting brings EPSi users together from across the country to discuss topics and questions that fluctuate from month-to-month.This group is open to all EPSi clients.

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