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The Problem

Most organizations lack the capacity and expertise to guide them through significant change, a challenge that is obstructing meaningful progress. When urgency takes priority, health care systems miss the opportunity to align their financial processes with their strategic objectives.

Our Solution

Strata Professional Services deploys functional and operational experts across areas of financial planning, analytics, and performance improvement to design and implement sustainable future state models, managing change across organizations of all sizes and types.

Strata Professional Services will provide the leverage your organization needs to successfully deploy new approaches, eliminating the need for short-term and ineffective consulting engagements.

We Simplify, Streamline, and Improve

As functional and operational experts, the Strata Professional Services team assists organizations by helping design advanced planning approaches, supporting your team in the communication and rollout of these approaches. We tailor engagements to fit your organization’s unique culture and strategy, ensuring efficient forecasting and individual accountability. Our team can enable the exact mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary to ensure a successful transition to advanced planning methodologies.

  • Advance your organization’s financial planning practices to improve accuracy, efficiency, agility, and accountability
  • Improve collaboration between Finance and Operations to increase transparency in short- and long-term financial planning
  • Shift critical resources from reconciling detailed budgets to analyzing and addressing gaps in financial performance

Strata Decision Technology’s Professional Services team can help facilitate the design and rollout of a robust performance management process to enable accountability within your organization. Our model will help you provide visibility into system-wide financial performance and trends, enable a continuous improvement mindset in your organization, and empower your operations team to take ownership of their metrics.

  • Improve financial accountability across your organization by empowering non-Finance teams with actionable metrics, intuitive tools
  • Establish efficient processes for addressing financial variation
  • Ensure action plans for variance resolution are documented and tracked for completion
  • Improve visibility into financial performance, for both GL-based financial plan targets, and encounter-based costing metrics
  • Instill a mindset of financial stewardship among fixed departments and front-line teams

Capital planning process design and rollout can be challenging for most organizations and requires a thoughtful approach. Our Professional Services team will help you navigate and execute every step of developing your organization’s capital planning process and governance structure. This includes enabling automation, optimizing your processes and workflows, and gaining buy-in from leaders and stakeholders across the organization.

  • Optimize your capital planning and tracking processes to increase transparency and improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Increase visibility into capital needs, spending and project performance
  • Establish a data-driven mindset around capital expenditures, and reduce the qualitative

Strata Decision Technology’s Professional Services team helps organizations successfully turn data into action. We leverage change management principles and functional and operational expertise to ensure a successful transition to unleashing your cost data. Our tailored approach is designed to meet the needs of your organization, with support and deliverables including education, report design, project communications, data use strategy, performance management design, and system infrastructure support. Matching this approach with each organization’s goals and strategy ensures appropriate and sustainable use of this enhanced data.

  • Improve visibility and accountability of cost- and margin-based metrics across your continuum of care
  • Empower service line leaders to quickly analyze and take action on margin, cost, revenue, and utilization trends
  • Leverage accurate cost accounting data to engage clinical, operations, marketing, strategy, and other non-Finance teams in addressing the organization’s cost reduction goals

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Our Difference

The “Gold Standard” for Financial Planning, Analytics and Performance

#1 in KLAS

For six years in a row, we have received the prestigious “Best in KLAS” rating from the “Consumer Reports” of healthcare information technology. This #1 rating for Business Decision Support reflects our focus on delivering world-class experiences for our customers.


Our customer base includes over 400 of our nation’s most prominent healthcare delivery systems. With over 2,000 hospitals in the Strata network, there is not only safety in numbers, but a ton of learning and best practices that are leveraged.

Complete Financial Platform

StrataJazz® is an enterprise-wide single source of truth for financial planning, decision support, and continuous improvement—one application to cover the entire continuum of care.

Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

Our cloud-based solution requires limited IT staff time for implementation and little to no time for maintenance and upgrades. The end result: lower total cost of ownership.

Proven Integration

StrataJazz integrates with leading EHR, ERP, and EDW solutions, including two-way integration with EPIC. We are experts at delivering actionable insights by marrying clinical and financial data.

Laser Focused for 20+ Years

For over 20 years we have been 100% focused on building and delivering our solution for healthcare organizations. We are not distracted by other products or markets – we have one product and we built 100% of it.

Rapid Implementation & Results

We consistently implement our solution in less than 50% of the time of other companies. We pride ourselves on delivering a 98% improvement in efficiency and millions of dollars in cost savings.

Financially Solid

We are part of Roper Technologies, a publicly-traded holding company (NYSE: ROP) with a $40 billion market cap. Our financial stability allows us to invest and innovate to better serve our clients.


We provide a money-back guarantee and no customer has ever exercised this option. We don’t just reduce the risk of implementing an enterprise application, we eliminate it.