Introducing StrataJazz OnePlan™

StrataJazz® OnePlan™ is the first purpose-built advanced planning platform for hospitals to help address the major budget issues that they face. OnePlan provides a radically more efficient, accurate, agile and accountable approach to planning, providing hospitals and healthcare systems the ability to significantly improve their performance.

With this latest version of StrataJazz introduced this week at Strata’s Lift19 user conference, OnePlan addresses the archaic process many hospitals and health systems still use to budget and plan. Thousands of hours are spent creating a budget that is typically tens of millions of dollars off the mark and cast aside almost as soon as it is submitted. Rather than helping to control costs and build strategic alignment, the budget is viewed as a distraction, providing little to no value and even negatively impacting performance.

  • The typical large healthcare delivery system spends four to six months and up to 20,000 hours building their annual budget.
  • Senior executives and financial managers devote up to 30 percent of their overall time throughout the course of the year to this process.
  • 66 percent of healthcare chief financial officers say their organization’s budget is irrelevant within the first three months due to built-in inaccuracies and the difficulty of adjusting the plan to changing conditions.

During this one-hour session, you will learn how StrataJazz OnePlan™ has helped many organizations achieve a more accurate, efficient, agile and accountable planning process.