Overview of the Strata Cloud Solution

February 9, 2021

As health systems adopted enterprise-wide, single database, single vendor EHR platforms for clinical information and workflow, organizations are now making a similar shift by consolidating planning, decision support and performance applications into an enterprise-wide, single database, single vendor platform.  Beyond eliminating the challenges faced around data manipulation and reconciliation across disparate systems, platforms provide a single-source of truth for financial performance management.  With a single source of truth, organizations can drive efficiency, create alignment, and foster financial performance accountability.

StrataJazz® is a single, modular, cloud-based platform that brings healthcare providers a “flywheel” to better plan, analyze and perform, ultimately helping organizations to drive margin to fuel their clinical mission.  StrataJazz provides a single integrated software platform for decision support, financial planning and continuous cost improvement.  In addition, the toolset is enhanced by a full range of services for product implementation, data integration, training, adoption/optimization and business transformation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how organizations gain efficiencies, provide consistent insights and ultimately drive action via a financial planning, analytics and performance platform.
  • Hear real examples of health systems that have a adopted a “platform approach.”
  • Understand the benefits of a cloud solution including reduced maintenance and IT time, as well as more timely access to innovation.

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