From Over 400 Leading Health Systems

Resources for Tackling Healthcare’s Toughest Challenges

Today, healthcare leaders face a complex, changing environment. Organizations are up against significant challenges in their efforts to drive quality of care, more accurate decision support, and performance to achieve important targets.

At Strata Decision Technology, we partner with many of the nation’s top hospitals and health systems to help them better plan, analyze, and perform. Through these partnerships, we are able to champion their success stories and share their insights with peers across our network.

As a result, we have gathered the best practices, resources, and insights from organizations across our network, as they take on challenges in key areas of capital planning, payer management, physician engagement, pricing transparency, rolling forecasting, and the adoption of value-based care.

Our Insights

Take on Healthcare’s Most Pressing Challenges

Capital Planning

The capital prioritization process is highly complex, and without the right governance and accountability, impossible to execute. See More

Payer Management

Healthcare providers need to be able to anticipate how changes to their contract terms and payer mix will impact revenue, cost, and margins. See More

Physician Engagement

Many organizations struggle to empower and engage clinical operations teams with financial information. See More

Pricing Transparency

Both the federal government and patients are calling for increased price transparency of hospital prices. See More

Rolling Forecasting

Hospitals spend thousands of hours each year creating a budget that is typically tens of millions of dollars off the mark and cast aside once it’s submitted. See More

Value-Based Care

As U.S. healthcare shifts toward fee-for-value models, providers will need to understand the true and comprehensive cost of care. See More

COVID-19 Help

It is going to be mission critical to be able to understand and act on the impact of COVID-19 related challenges. See More

The HFMA-Strata L7 Cost Accounting Maturity Model (L7®)

Healthcare providers have little to no access to accurate, comprehensive, and actionable information on the cost of care. See More