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Cloud Solutions

To fight the cost curve in healthcare, providers will need advanced and integrated solutions. Hospitals are looking for simplicity, not complexity. They are looking for a platform, not a product.

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On-Premise Solution: EPSi

More than ever, hospitals are facing complex business needs. Bundled payments, value-based care, increasing labor costs and integration across product lines are just some of the challenges in today’s market.

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Strategic Data Solutions

Comparative Analytics

Improve operations and financial performance with the most accurate hospital/physician benchmarking data and easiest submission process.

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Market Opportunity Analysis

Inform strategic growth planning using robust market insights and projections based on industry-best, comprehensive, curated data.

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Market Opportunity Visualization

Transform healthcare claims data into actionable intelligence and deliver executive-level insights to support strategic growth planning in a fraction of the time.

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Market Insights

Guide organizational transformation and performance improvement with financial, clinical, and operational healthcare insights and benchmarks.

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Market Reimbursement Analyzer

Improve payer negotiation, understand revenue opportunities, and minimize financial risk with transparent, relevant reimbursement rate data.

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Learn from and deploy best practices from peers in our network of over 400 health delivery systems representing over 2,000 hospitals.

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Strata Advisory Services

Strata’s Advisory Services team partners with organizations looking to understand and improve the relationship between their tools, data, people and process.

  • Assess current state
  • Design software-enabled processes​
  • Optimize process improvement workflows
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