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Cloud Solution: StrataJazz®

To fight the cost curve in healthcare, providers will need advanced and integrated solutions. Hospitals are looking for simplicity, not complexity. They are looking for a platform, not a product.

StrataJazz® is a single, modular, cloud-based platform that helps healthcare providers better plan, analyze and perform, driving margin to fuel their clinical mission. StrataJazz serves hospitals and healthcare delivery systems, radically simplifying the financial side of the house for healthcare providers.

On-Premise Solution: EPSi

More than ever, hospitals are facing complex business needs. Bundled payments, value-based care, increasing labor costs and integration across product lines are just some of the challenges in today’s market.

To help hospitals fuel their mission, we offer an integrated, on premise EPSi product suite. The EPSi tool provides healthcare delivery systems with reporting and analytics, cost accounting, revenue modeling, planning and performance management.



Participating organizations can learn from and deploy best practices from peers in our network of over 400 health delivery systems representing over 2,000 hospitals.

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StrataSphere is both a network and data analytics platform that leverages accurate, trustworthy, and comprehensive data from StrataJazz® to provide a more complete understanding of cost and margins.

Stratasphere® Compare

We created StrataSphere® Compare to help your organization advance by comparing your performance to our growing network of over 100 participating health systems.

StrataSphere Compare uses machine learning algorithms to normalize your StrataJazz® data into the StrataSphere standard, for true comparisons of financial, operational, quality, labor expense, overhead and as an industry first, cost information. Learn More

The National Patient and Procedure Activity Tracker

Across the country, healthcare providers are dealing with significantly higher costs due to COVID-19. Strata’s data scientists leveraged insights from StrataSphere to present a new analysis revealing the significant volume drops in key service line areas that hospitals are experiencing. Download the Report and Weekly Updates 

Strata Advisory Services

Strata Advisory Services provides the leverage your organization needs to successfully deploy new approaches, eliminating the need for short-term and ineffective consulting engagements.

Advanced Planning

We tailor engagements to fit your organization’s unique culture and strategy, ensuring efficient forecasting and individual accountability by enabling the exact mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary to ensure a successful transition to advanced planning methodologies.

Strategic Growth

We help you transform the strategic planning process from an arduous, resource draining, and political process to a shared organizational commitment that unifies the organization and provides operational direction.

Decision Support

Our tailored approach is designed to meet the needs of your organization, with support and deliverables including education, report design, project communications, data use strategy, performance management design, and system infrastructure support.

Margin Optimization

We help you establish a value transformation mindset to cost savings that solves the short-term needs for savings while ensuring efforts enable the long-term needs for growth.

Advanced Analytics

Our team can rapidly deploy an analytics program that harmonizes disparate data, engages operational users, and elevates tabular reporting to advanced visualizations and storytelling.