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Easily Identifying Cost Variation Drives Savings of $600 Per Case

Use of Average Costs Leads to Inaccurate Information

In many organizations, it is difficult to meaningfully engage physicians in efforts to reduce the cost of care due in part to a lack in trustworthy information. Unfortunately, most organizations are not providing physicians with cost data or are providing cost data but seeing little action. For those organizations providing data, they may be using average costs for supplies and medications. This leads to inaccurate information in areas or procedures using high-cost implants, supplies, and pharmaceuticals, leading to data that is not trustworthy or actionable for physicians.

However, many physicians are increasingly interested, and even passionate, about reducing costs. They are equally passionate about providing high quality care and achieving favorable clinical outcomes.

This organization drove results and impact

Built trust to provide accurate supply cost data to physicians

$84K saved in one year from data-driven decision to switch to lower-cost tissue stapler

$600/case reduction in cost in one year from the switch to the lower-cost tissue stapler

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