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American healthcare costs have spiraled out of control – twice as much as any other industrialized nation – an annual bill of over $3 trillion.  The future for hospitals and health systems is cloudy at best as they seek shelter from a perfect storm of challenges that endangers their viability.  All stakeholders in healthcare now face what might well be their biggest challenge ever – financial stewardship.

This book drills deep into the root causes of the cost crisis so readers collectively don’t repeat mistakes of the past.  And then offers real-world solutions and showcases organizations who are making significant strides in effectively managing costs.  It outlines the paths they’ve taken to success and demonstrates how organizations can successfully shift from driving volume to delivering value – from both a clinical and financial perspective.

It’s critical to get moving NOW because in order for healthcare to be healthy, Margin + Mission must be the prescription.

In the book, you’ll find case studies that:

  • Illustrate why cost reduction is so difficult—including the mistakes that are being made in driving out cost and the requirement of a new mindset, skillset and toolset.
  • Detail the various tactics that must be considered if we are going to solve the cost crisis—including examples of leveraging data to prep for population health and creating a business intelligence strategy.
  • Provide best practices in ensuring financial resources line up to drive margin to fuel mission—including reducing cost while improving quality (really) and driving better financial results with rolling forecasting.

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