Texas Health Resources is using real-time workforce data to improve the nursing experience and empower their nurse managers (and leadership) to make more informed staffing decisions.

During this webinar, leaders will share how they used their performance management tool to unite staffing and scheduling data, trended volumes and census-based targets into a single source of truth for nurse managers to create action plans and communicate decisions to leadership. Hear feedback from front-line managers on how real-time workforce data has created efficiency in decision-making.

Key learnings:

  • The value real-time insights have brought to their nursing teams
  • How real-time data can empower nursing leaders to make cost-informed staffing decisions
  • How a single source of truth can allow for more efficient staffing huddles and resource allocation conversations

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 The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is the most influential health information technology event of the year, where 40,000+ professionals throughout the global health ecosystem meet to build relationships during lively networking events, learn from experts in hot topic education sessions and discover innovative health tech products to solve their greatest challenges.

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Exclusive StrataSphere Research Report for HIMSS Attendees

  • Contract labor as a % of IT labor expense median value doubled between 2019 and 2022
  • IT labor expense as a % of system net patient revenue (NPR) has plateaued between 2019 and 2022
  • The gap between the 25th and 75th percentile in IT total expense as a % of system NPR has shrunk between 2019 and 2022
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about StrataSphere®

Leverage the power of your network

Actionable, Trustworthy Data

can be translated and analyzed across health systems, entities, and service lines

Advanced Capabilities

including Benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Industry Insights and Comparative Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and the Development of Financial Standards

Machine Learning

natural language processing, and predictive analytics are used to normalize, standardize, map and clean data across tens of billions of records

Collaborative Testing

that provide insight to enhance your planning.  Participating organizations receive customized analytics that can be compared to the broader StrataSphere insights

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Taking place over the course of 4 days in Nashville, ViVE will convene senior and executive leaders in the digital healthcare space and provide an enjoyable engagement environment to drive growth opportunities through curated connections, personalized attendee journeys, and progressive programming.

Building upon the successful launch in 2022, ViVE is poised to deliver another unforgettable event experience around healthcare IT innovation and business transformation. 

meet our team

Steve Lefar

Chief Strategy Officer

Liz Kirk

SVP, Market Intelligence & Analysis

Frank Stevens

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The Year of New Habits

Kick off 2023 with new strategies to address ongoing healthcare challenges. To invigorate and inspire you, we are sharing this year’s Strata Book Club selection, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This best-selling guide will help you and your teams build new habits and break the old.

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Exclusive StrataSphere Research Report for ViVE Attendees

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As economic uncertainty fuels the rising cost to serve, healthcare providers need insight into the true cost of care. To reduce variation, waste and inefficiency and invest in improved care, your team needs access to accurate, comprehensive and actionable cost information. The HFMA-Strata L7 Cost Accounting Maturity Model (or L7®) has helped U.S. healthcare organizations of all types and sizes assess their current costing and benchmark capabilities against peers. Learn how the L7 model can help your organization advance to leverage dynamic, actionable methodologies and more sophisticated costing processes and workflows, for more strategic cost accounting based on best practices from over 200 other healthcare delivery systems.

Save the date for this year’s Strata Users Virtual Summit, held October 10-12. LIFT22: The Strata Users Virtual Summit will feature 30+ CPE-accredited sessions and will provide a comprehensive look at leading industry trends and captivating stories from some of the most innovative and inspiring organizations in healthcare. Registration will launch in mid-August. 

LIFT22: The Strata Users Virtual Summit
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October 10-12
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What to Expect:

This unique, once-a-year event will bring together leaders from organizations to share success stories and best practice approaches related to financial planning, analytics and performance. You will also have the opportunity to network virtually with the entire Strata customer community – which now includes 400+ healthcare delivery systems and 2,000+ hospitals across the U.S.  

Why We’re Going Virtual:

We wanted to provide as many customers as possible with the same dynamic, engaging content, keynotes and peer case studies you’ve come to expect from the Strata Users Summit. By going virtual, we can provide all content to customers at no cost. 


Dr. Bertice Berry

Sociologist, PhD
Sociologist, Bertice Berry, PhD. is, a best-selling author and award winning lecturer has been named Comedian of The Year, Lecturer of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. She has published 11 best-selling books in both fiction and non-fiction and has won numerous awards and accolades for both her writing and presentations.

Luke Gorman

VP, System Financial Planning & Analysis and Decision Support Texas Health Resources
With over 25 years of experience in healthcare finance, Luke Gorman provides leadership and strategic direction for THR’s decision support, labor productivity, and operational benchmarking activities. He and his team are also responsible for the operational and capital planning processes of THR.

Aundria Watkins

Director of Clinical Analytics and Case Costing CHRISTUS Health
Aundria Watkins is the Director of Clinical Analytics and Case Costing at CHRISTUS Health, coordinating continuous improvement of clinical outcomes and the impacts on financial statements. Her responsibilities include determining opportunities to reduce clinical variation, development and implementation of strategies to ensure success in clinical variation reduction, as well as to measure and track savings across the multiple regions within CHRISTUS.

Healthcare organizations across the country are facing a volatile environment as they respond to one of the worst financial crises in the history of healthcare. Leaders are exploring more efficient processes to bring agility and accuracy to their hospital’s financial planning.

Join as leaders from Strata Decision Technology guide attendees through the two main types of budgeting, weighing the pros and cons of each. See examples from peer organizations who are leading the way during uncertain times.

Learning Objectives:

  • Contrast the two different types of planning methods, traditional budgeting and dynamic planning
  • Understand how more agile, efficient planning can impact financial recovery at your organization
  • Determine the path forward in planning for your organization

Most provider organizations have invested in EHRs to automate documentation, orders, clinical communication, billing and more. While these systems form the foundation to support a healthcare organization’s clinical and operational workflow, their lack of integration leaves behind a missing piece in the equation.

To make the connection between these two disparate views, healthcare leaders need access to strategies and tools that can help smart people make smart decisions using both clinical and financial data.

Today, a new category is emerging for healthcare: the Enterprise Performance Management system, which allows providers to drive performance. This webinar will discuss what EPM really means, what it should include and how different organizations are using EPMs to make a real difference in their performance.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies and considerations when bringing together clinical and financial data
  • Requirements to consider when evaluating EPM solutions and tools
  • How to actually drive change through the use of EPM strategies
  • How leading health systems like Texas Children’s Hospital & Intermountain Healthcare have applied these concepts and the benefits they’ve seen

Join Strata’s Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Lefar, as he speaks with three CIOs from leading organizations across the Strata network for this dynamic panel discussion on the impact of data on decision making in healthcare. In this Q&A session, learn the unique perspectives and challenges faced by their organizations as these CIOs talk through data accessibility, cloud-based technology, partnering with finance leaders and integrating clinical and financial data to help teams make better decisions. Learn how these CIOs are using data to combat common challenges and drive the success of their organizations.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Cedric Priebe, Senior Vice President & CIO, Lifespan
  • Rich Temple, Vice President & CIO, Deborah Heart and Lung Center
  • Dr. Shafiq Rab, Chief Digital Officer & CIO, Tufts Medicine

During this discussion, we will have a conversation with Josh Donaldson, Director of Cost Accounting who lead his organizations pursuit  to implement StrataJazz at Ochsner Health several years ago. You will get an unfiltered perspective about his organization’s experience with the migration from the on-prem EPSi solution to the cloud-based StrataJazz® platform. As well as hear about the functionality and development available to you on both the on-premise and cloud-based solutions. 

Learning Objectives:

  •  Analyze how a conversion to the cloud-based StrataJazz® platform would impact your organization
  • Understand how your peers are migrating from on-premise to cloud-based tools

Originally aired on HFMA

Many healthcare organizations think that the only way to find a successful cost reduction program is to look for outside a third-party consulting firm. But if health systems instead leverage their own data and resources, they will find a more effective and sustainable method to get savings opportunities. But where do you start?

When it comes to having the knowledge, tools, data, and ability to identify these opportunities, you are already closer than you think. By diagnosing key organizational inefficiencies, you can discover valuable cost savings opportunities.

During this session, you’ll learn how organizations like yours are leveraging centralized, automated tracking to drive continuous improvement efforts. We will share how organizations in our network have taken ownership of the identification and tracking of cost savings initiatives to maintain a plan and process for the future—empowering them to use the data they already have.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key players and steps needed to creative an effective cost reduction plan
  • Discover how to automate opportunity identification and tracking across your health system
  • Learn how to create a continuous process that drives accountability for results
  • Understand the actions needed across your organization to drive success

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