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Organization Leverages Daily Productivity Reporting to Unlock Internal Resources and Reduce Overtime Spending

High Premium Pay Spend Leads to Higher, Unnecessary Costs

As organizations look to staff their hospitals, spending too much on overtime, agency, or other premium pay can lead to higher and unnecessary costs. To improve, they need to be able to provide their managers and leaders with visibility into premium pay expenses.

In the time of an unforeseen crisis and global pandemic COVID-19, this Midwestern health system knew that there was a need to monitor salaries more closely to maintain regular pay and avoid furlough of staff. They also recognized that they were overspending on premium pay, but did not have the tools necessary to audit or manage over- and under-utilization of their staff, particularly those in their float pool. They needed to be able to closely manage their regular pay salaries and eliminate unwarranted use of overtime to help ensure they could keep their doors open and pay staff.

This organization drove results and impact

Identified 15% variance in salary between overtime pay methods

Optimized utilization of float pool based on over- and under-utilization analysis

Saved an average of $250,000 per pay period

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