Strata Recognized as One of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2021

May 18, 2021

The global events of the last year have caused many industries to rethink how they fundamentally operate. From the rise in remote work to a renewed focus on the well-being of their teams, companies are shifting to new strategies to adapt to the needs of their employees.  

This is especially true of the healthcare industry. We have seen our clients pivoting to encourage safe and flexible work from remote locations, and staffing to demand when possible to prevent furlough during COVID-19. As healthcare organizations move into financial recovery following the global pandemic, it will be crucial for leaders to adopt new processes and structures to maintain the well-being of their teams. 

In that spirit, this year Modern Healthcare is honoring over 150 organizations and companies that have been named in its Best Places to Work in Healthcare for 2021. We at Strata are honored to have been selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Healthcare

“One year into the pandemic, we’ve seen the industry transform to meet the needs of its patients and employees,” said Aurora Aguilar, Modern Healthcare’s editor. “Time and time again, the most resilient and successful organizations show that empathy towards their staff, clear vision and compassion towards the patient buoys teams and sets them up for success. We congratulate the Best Places to Work in Healthcare for eliciting loyalty from their workforce and communities during harrowing times.”  

This award program identifies and recognizes outstanding employers in the healthcare industry nationwide. Companies and organizations are included in this list as a result of their increased attention to empowering their teams, who in turn provide patients and clients with the best possible care, products and services. 

At Strata, it is our mission and our passion to help heal healthcare. Our work helps bend the cost curve and make healthcare more affordable, one of the biggest socio-economic problems and opportunities of our time. As a result, our people have a true sense of that purpose. Our halls are filled with smart, talented, committed, fun, giving people who truly love helping our clients and solving big problems. 

We are guided by a set of principles we call the StrataWay. These values keep us honest and ensure that we are always representing ourselves and our organization as best we can. They are at the core of who we are and how we support one another. 

  • Serve: We partner with our clients to provide quality solutions that will make their lives easier. We extend service to our community to drive purposeful change. 
  • Rock: Our work makes a meaningful impact, no matter what role we play on the team. We are open and receptive to new ways of doing things, always innovating and never becoming complacent. 
  • Grow: We are life-long learners and embrace change that will help us grow professionally and personally. We embrace a culture of feedback and acknowledge that progress is more important than perfection. 
  • StrataPro: We show up every day as the best version of ourselves. We treat others as we would want to be treated (and then some). We commit to getting better every day in everything that we do, upholding the highest level of integrity even in the face of challenges. 

In light of the changes we have executed to maintain a safe and flexible workplace, Strata’s leaders continue to work to maintain our core values for our team and our clients .  

“During this unprecedented year, we have focused on supporting our team members and their families while ensuring that the service we deliver remained world-class,” explained Heidi Farrell, Senior Vice President, People Operations.  

“Those efforts included a monthly technical stipend, a home office allowance to enable their remote environment, and a wellness stipend that could be used for either physical or mental health needs. We also held wellness courses, hosted by Strata team members, with topics such as dealing with stress, ergonomics, stretching, etc. Clearly, it was a year like no other, but we’re so thankful for our resilient, dedicated and professional team of ‘StrataPros.’” 

At Strata, we work to take care of our team so they can provide the kind of service-centric, world-class experience our clients expect. Both in and out of the office, our Strata team is empowered to donate to local organizations they care about and volunteer together to improve our community. And whether it be developing our products, developing our relationships, or developing ourselves, growth is always top of mind. 

As part of the 150 companies and organizations selected from across the country, we at Strata are honored that our team was included among this list. Review the full list of companies and organizations at 

For more information about Strata’s commitment to our team, our clients and our industry, visit our Careers page.