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What’s Next for Healthcare Beyond the Pandemic?

Top Healthcare CFOs share their perspectives on the current state of healthcare finance, as well as key areas of opportunity for growth and innovation.

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Healthcare financials have changed drastically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when patient volumes and revenue dropped by over 50% at the onset of the crisis. Now, over two years in, patient volumes are back to 95% of pre-pandemic levels, leading to steady financial recovery for many health systems.
To discuss the future of healthcare finance and the evolving role of the CFO, Strata recently convened a panel of industry leaders. The participants shared their perspectives on what has been achieved, as well as key areas of opportunity for growth and innovation to ensure the nation’s hospitals maintain their financial health so they can continue providing high-quality patient care.
Key Takeaways
Health systems need new strategies to improve cohesiveness while thinking about the present, but also considering what is to come
Financial success will require a cultural shift as the roles and responsibilities of executives like CFOs and COOs evolve
Inflation and the pandemic have had impactful and lasting effects on the healthcare workforce in both hiring and retention
Mergers and acquisitions are the key to generating successful future growth