The Journey to Time-Driven Costing

A comprehensive guide to enabling time-driven costing for your organization

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When it comes to cost accounting in healthcare, most organizations have managed with simple, manual workflows and estimations. Many calculate costs using ratios or averages rather than actual data, a practice that has come to represent but not fully depict the reality of the hospital’s operations. With traditional labor costing, data from charges and labor have remained somewhat disjointed, passed through different systems that never entirely match up.
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The Strata Difference

The “Gold Standard” for Financial Planning, Analytics and Performance

#1 in KLAS

For 18 years, we have received the prestigious “Best in KLAS” rating from the “Consumer Reports” of healthcare information technology. This #1 rating for Business Decision Support reflects our focus on delivering world-class experiences for our customers.


Our customer base includes over 2,300 organizations across healthcare, higher education and finance. There is not only safety in numbers, but a ton of learning and best practices that are leveraged.

Complete Financial Platform

Our solutions are the enterprise-wide single source of truth for financial planning, decision support, and continuous improvement—one application to cover the entire enterprise.

Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

Our cloud-based solutions require limited IT staff time for implementation and little to no time for maintenance and upgrades. The end result: lower total cost of ownership.

Rapid Implementation & Results

We consistently implement our solution in less than 50% of the time of other companies. We pride ourselves on delivering a 98% improvement in efficiency and millions of dollars in cost savings.


We are part of Roper Technologies, a publicly-traded holding company (NYSE: ROP). Our financial stability allows us to invest and innovate to better serve our clients.