Management Reporting

Drive Accountability with Clear, Actionable Reporting

StrataJazz® Management Reporting helps healthcare providers drive accountability with clear, actionable reporting on profitability and productivity. With access to interactive scorecards, graphs, and flexible, drill-down reports, managers can better understand the underlying causes of variances and key metrics using an intuitive and engaging management reporting process.

Use Management Reporting to Drive Accountability and Results

StrataJazz Management Reporting provides interactive scorecards focused on key performance indicators, graphs, and ad-hoc reporting that can help your team identify opportunities to reduce waste.

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Identify Opportunities to Reduce Waste

Utilize budgets, flex budgets, productivity standards, benchmarks, and continuous improvement targets.

Drill into Productivity and Profitability Data

Dig into your Financial Planning, materials management, and journal entry detail to understand the underlying cause of variances.

Drive Accountability at All Levels

Summarize performance and action plans at all levels of the organization via executive summaries and dashboards.

Organizations in the Strata Network Leveraging Management Reporting:

Their Stories on Their Switch to Management Reporting

The processes itself has bee na good educational experience for both I think the leadership and finance teams -Jeff Setien, Director of Budget and Financial Analytics


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