Physician Engagement

Improving the Clinician Partnership

What keeps many organizations from aligning their clinical and finance teams?

Many healthcare providers struggle to empower and engage physicians with financial information

Within health systems, finance and clinical operations teams often struggle to speak the same language. Finance leaders speak in terms of cost centers, accounts, and EBITDA, while clinical operations managers talk in terms of their patients, procedures, outcomes, and care pathways. This barrier makes it difficult for the two to align and execute the organization’s financial plan.

Engaging your organization’s physicians and clinical operations leaders requires you to leverage trustworthy, accurate cost accounting data. To elicit clinical leaders in driving finance’s plan, providers will need to empower decision-makers with information they can understand and leverage every day.

How can I engage physicians with our cost data?

Leverage the power of the platform to drive physician engagement with the financial plan

Using StrataJazz®, organizations can streamline their planning process and help drive physician engagement. StrataJazz provides new, advanced budgeting methods, such as Patient Activity Flexing, an approach that leverages accurate and detailed data in Strata’s cost accounting solution to automate and increase the accuracy of the budget process.

Using the tool, users can access key dashboards and visualizations, transforming financial data into actionable information and better decisions for patients and the organization.

Improve physician engagement

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Help your organization boost physician engagement

Reduce the resource lift associated with the traditional budgeting process

Empower clinical operations staff with financial information they can understand and use to drive targets

Drive accountability to the financial plan by engaging managers

Pivot between traditional hierarchies and horizontal perspectives simply and easily using the tool

Use monthly variance commentary to solidify ownership of the budget and plan by front-line managers

Shift toward an Advanced Planning approach that allows you to pivot your financial plan