Strata + Syntellis: Advancing & Innovating Together

We are excited to share that Strata’s parent company Roper Technologies, Inc. announced its acquisition of Syntellis Performance Solutions, LLC (Syntellis) and planned combination of this business with Strata Decision Technology. By uniting these two industry leaders, the company can unlock new levels of insights and value for clients.  

Syntellis is a leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data, and intelligence solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. By uniting these two industry leaders, the company can unlock new levels of insights and value for clients. Strata and Syntellis will continue to deliver market-leading solutions and world-class service, with an increased focus on accelerating innovation.

“Bringing together these talented teams and forward-thinking organizations will allow us to accelerate innovation and continue to build upon our market-leading solutions,” said John Martino, CEO of Strata. “This transaction will expand Strata’s client base to include organizations across multiple industries. As we begin integration planning, the focus will be on supporting our clients and laying out a strategic vision which capitalizes on the strength of our solutions and our teams.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is today’s announcement?

Our parent company, Roper Technologies, has acquired Syntellis Performance Solutions and will combine the business with Strata – uniting two financial industry leaders to unlock new levels of service, innovation collaboration and value for our clients. Strata CEO John Martino will continue as CEO of the combined organization.

Why are these organizations coming together?

This transaction is a significant development for both organizations, bringing with it many opportunities for the clients we serve. In uniting the strengths of our organizations, we can expand our product and services portfolio and bring clients the most innovative planning, decision support and data intelligence solutions in the market. This will also facilitate investments yielding greater innovation, accelerated delivery of solutions, and expanded services that further drive value. We are focused on executing a thoughtful integration that will deliver multiple long-term benefits to our client network, including:

Can you provide additional background information on Syntellis?

Syntellis provides innovative, cloud-based performance management and data solutions to help healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. Previously Kaufman Hall software, Syntellis was launched as a standalone company with a defined focus on software and data, dedicating resources and expertise to enhance Axiom and Connected Analytics. In 2022, they acquired market-leading solutions provider Stratasan to expand their healthcare portfolio. The Syntellis team currently consists of over 460 talented team members, spanning multiple disciplines and skillsets.

What does this mean for my team and our partnership with Strata and/or Syntellis?

For our clients, you will continue to be supported by the project, technical support and account management teams that serve you and your teams today. As we move down the path of integration planning over the coming months, we will continue to operate as two separate companies. For you as our clients, it will be “business as usual,” and you will continue to work with the same contacts and teams from Strata and Syntellis who currently support your organization.

I have additional questions – where can I get more information?

Reach out to your Strata or Syntellis representative for additional information and watch our website for updates.