StrataSphere® Research Report

Signals, Trends and KPIs

The Changing Face of Healthcare Finances

StrataSphere is a healthcare provider research and comparative analytics collaborative representing a cohort of over 700 hospitals from the Strata Decision Technology (Strata) customer base of over 2,000 hospitals within over 400 health systems across the U.S. 

Open-Source Access to All Healthcare Stakeholders: Additional information is available for free to all healthcare stakeholders via Strata’s National Patient and Procedure Volume Tracker. The report is available monthly via this link

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This special report covers the following:

Key cohorts

  • Short Term Acute Care Hospitals
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Children’s Hospitals

Key data types

  • Financial KPI Metrics
  • Labor Expense Metrics
  • Overhead Expense Metrics

Leverage the Power of Your Network with StrataSphere®

StrataSphere is a unique and comprehensive data-sharing platform that helps providers leverage the power of a network that represents approximately 25% of all provider spend in U.S. healthcare.

To help providers leverage the power of their network, Strata Decision Technology has created StrataSphere, a unique and comprehensive data-sharing platform leveraging the best practices and insights of our network of over 400 health systems.

StrataSphere utilizes machine learning to leverage trillions of data points from this network of providers already using StrataJazz for financial planning, analytics, and performance. For this reason, participation in StrataSphere requires no additional data submission or work effort.