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Welcome to the new Strata, one of the most important and helpful companies in healthcare. It’s time to address the cost of healthcare…and now there’s a company with the solutions and scale to truly make a difference. The combination of Strata + EPSi creates the definitive market standard in healthcare for financial analytics, planning and performance solutions. With a combined network of 400+ health systems and 2,000+ hospitals and the highest service levels in the industry for over a decade, the new Strata brings a unique set of software and service solutions to help healthcare providers better analyze, plan and perform in support of reducing the cost of care and caring for their community. We’re here to help.

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The new Strata by the numbers

The Largest Customer Network

A customer base of 400+ health systems and 2,000+ hospitals representing approximately 50% of the spend in the U.S. healthcare system.

The Highest Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions have been ranked #1 in KLAS with the highest customer satisfaction levels a total of 14 times.

There are hundreds of software products used in most hospitals. They are looking for simplicity, not complexity. They are looking for a platform, not a product.

Strata is not a product, we’re a platform of software and service solutions for financial analytics, planning and performance.

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Decision Support, Advanced Cost Accounting, Real-Time Costing, Time-Driven Costing, Benchmarking and Comparative Analytics, Product Line Analysis, Contract Modeling and Management, Risk-Based and Capitated Contracts, Strategic Pricing, Data Visualization, Data Science Collaboration


Operating Budgeting, Dynamic Planning, Rolling Forecasting, Long Range Financial Planning, Strategic Product Budgeting, Capital Planning, Capital Tracking, Equipment Replacement


Productivity, Management Reporting, Clinical Variation, Initiative Tracking, Performance Management, Cost Reduction, Margin Improvement

We’re not a short-term vendor. We’re a long-term partner.

Healthcare providers have had to suffer through way too many vendors falling short on their promises. There are looking for someone they can trust and rely on for many years to come. Strata is not a short-term vendor, we’re a long-term partner. Our track record for over 20 years is that we deliver. And we plan on continuing to do just that.