Data to Action: Empowering Non-Finance Users to Make Informed Decisions

The pressure to quantify your impact on the bottom line can be a challenging expectation, especially for various system users outside of healthcare finance circles. From a hospital Finance perspective, seeing “claimed savings” and dollar amounts attached to initiatives where those figures have not been verified by the appropriate Finance department representatives can result in confusion, miscommunications, inaccuracies, etc. As a result, there can often times be a tug-of-war relationship within healthcare organizations between Finance and other departments claiming savings. It is common to try and lockdown certain systems and/or data to prevent misuse of financial data outside of the established processes and pathways. While certainly understandable to a degree, Strata strongly encourages the democratization of data, well outside of Finance’s walls. When the systems are implemented according to best practices, they can and should be the financial source of truth for everyone at the organization.

Join us as we highlight several client stories and their efforts to expand their Strata system userbase to non-finance users. We will share Decision Support roll-out success strategies, Finance and non-Finance department partnership tactics, and how cost data should be used to engage clinicians and influence true behavior change.

• Understand best practices for Decision Support and Continuous Improvement roll-outs
• Effectively communicate the need and value of expanding cost data to non-Finance users
• Deliver actionable tactics to strengthen Finance and non-Finance departmental collaborative relationships
• Highlight several Strata client stories that support the importance of empowering non-Finance users

November 13, 2018