Becker’s Webinar – How Texas Health Resources Empowers Nurse Managers to Streamline Staffing

September 8, 2023

Texas Health Resources is using real-time workforce data to improve the nursing experience and empower their nurse managers (and leadership) to make more informed staffing decisions.

During this webinar, leaders will share how they used their performance management tool to unite staffing and scheduling data, trended volumes and census-based targets into a single source of truth for nurse managers to create action plans and communicate decisions to leadership. Hear feedback from front-line managers on how real-time workforce data has created efficiency in decision-making.

Key learnings:

  • The value real-time insights have brought to their nursing teams
  • How real-time data can empower nursing leaders to make cost-informed staffing decisions
  • How a single source of truth can allow for more efficient staffing huddles and resource allocation conversations