2022 LEAP Award Winners for Strategic Leadership in Healthcare

November 14, 2022

This year’s record-breaking LIFT22 Users Conference gathered over 2,400 attendees from more than 400 healthcare systems and 2,000 hospitals across the nation on October 10-12, 2022. During this event, Strata was proud to present the 2022 LEAP (Lead, Excel, Achieve and Progress) Award, which recognizes healthcare organizations with outstanding performance in the areas of finance and strategy to benefit both their organization and the communities they serve. This year’s winners included organizations that utilized the EPSi toolset and the StrataJazz toolset. The 2022 LEAP Award was presented to Texas Health Resources (EPSi users) and Carilion Clinic (StrataJazz users). 

Texas Health Resources

Texas Health Resources is a faith-based, nonprofit health system that serves more than 7 million residents in 16 counties throughout North Texas. Their mission is to improve the health of the people in the communities they serve. Texas Health Resources was named the winner of the 2022 LEAP Award for the EPSi toolset due to their success leveraging EPSi to create crucial dashboards and custom analytics in Tableau to understand performance, volumes and their efficiency from a service line perspective. 

In 2018, Texas Health Resources partnered with EPSi to confront challenges they were facing within labor expenses. Labor expenses make up approximately 50% of a health system’s operating expense, yet, on the front line, hundreds of staffing-related decisions are made every day without complete data. Balancing staff across the hospital is important to ensure safe care, employee satisfaction and retention and financial stewardship, but it is also time-consuming, complex and difficult. 

As they worked to reimagine workforce management, Texas Health Resources engaged Strata’s Advisory Services team to guide the process design and change rollout. They leveraged data to help them rethink and reimagine workforce management, analyzing overutilization of overtime and premium pay to move forward. Their gameplan resulted in their organization leveraging data and analytics around performance, volumes and service line efficacy to make critical decisions. Additionally, they led a phased rollout of a new workforce management process and tool, involving key stakeholder groups to expand engagement.  

Carilion Clinic  

Carilion Clinic is a not-for-profit health care organization based in Roanoke, VA that has been partnered with Strata for over 24 years. Their network of hospitals and health professionals work together to provide quality care close to home for nearly 1 million Virginians. Carilion Clinic holds a strong commitment to a common purpose of better patient care, better community health and lower costs. Carilion Clinic was named the winner of the 2022 LEAP Award for the StrataJazz toolset due to their work creating a culture of cost discipline that led to the identification of over $9 million in cost savings. By engaging C-suite executive sponsors to help drive the adoption of cost improvement, the team has implemented initiatives across service lines to drive meaningful and sustained cost savings across their enterprise. 

The organization needed to develop an internal structure with necessary data and analytics that would help them identify and execute opportunities within patient care and financial performance. Organizations need to effectively engage clinical, operation and financial leadership to find cost savings opportunities. Carilion Clinic established an organizational structure, led by C-suite level executive sponsors, known as Operational Efficiency and Continuous Improvement. By utilizing StrataJazz’s toolsets within their organizational structure, Carilion Clinic discovered cost savings opportunities across their pharmacy, laboratory and orthopedic segments. Their work resulted in identifying over $9 million in cost savings opportunities in clinical and non-clinical areas. Inclusively, within the first year they implemented variation-based initiatives across service line for cost savings of $3 million. 

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