Healthcare Leaders Roundup: Who to Expect at Lift19

Today’s healthcare providers are seeking new ways to tackle their challenges. In an effort to fuel their clinical mission, many are relying on new toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets to advance their organizations. By embracing a collaborative spirit, healthcare providers are leveraging the knowledge and process of their peers and helping push the industry forward.

In that spirit, Strata’s annual October user conference Lift19: Strata Decision Summit sees over 400 attendees convene each year in Chicago, IL. This three-day conference provides leaders from over 200 health systems and 1,000 hospitals the opportunity to learn, network, and share alongside peers and thought leaders, with presentations, user groups, and panels on topics that are shaping the future of healthcare.

Check out this roundup of the exciting speakers featured at this year’s Summit user conference.

Dr. Robert Pearl, MD (Author of Mistreated and Former CEO of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group)
The Future of Healthcare Featuring Dr. Robert Pearl
Presenting his keynote on “The Future of Healthcare,” Dr. Robert Pearl, former CEO of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, author of Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Healthcare—And Why We’re Usually Wrong, Host of “Fixing Healthcare”, Forbes contributor and professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In his keynote session, Dr. Pearl will be exploring the idea of “good” and “bad” healthcare. Dr. Pearl will share the ways in which we as patients wrongly assume that the “best” care is dependent on the newest medications, the most complex treatments, and the smartest doctors, in fact looking for healthcare solutions in the wrong places.

Tammy Arenz (Kaiser Permanente)
Beyond Your Health System: Health Plans
As part of the Next Generation Cost Accounting Program at Kaiser Permanente, Tammy Arenz has for the last two years been dedicated to supporting the implementation of a new cost accounting platform at Kaiser Permanente. As part of her session “Beyond Your Health System: Health Plans” at Lift19: Strata Decision Summit, Arenz will share some her organization’s successes in the space of provider-sponsored health plans. While identifying health plan costs and care delivery costs in one platform can provide a holistic view of the business, it can also introduce new challenges. Arenz will talk with leaders at Strata Decision Technology to share how any organization can advance health plan cost accounting.

Jeremy Stewart (Owensboro Health)
Going From L0 to L5 in a Year: An Organization’s Story of Rapid Movement Toward L7
With over 12 years of experience in healthcare finance, including roles in general accounting, data analytics, decision support, and cost accounting, Jeremy Stewart has often partnered with hospital executives and clinicians to improve both financial and clinical outcomes. In his session at Lift19, Stewart will share the story of Owensboro Health, the first organization to rapidly accelerate up the HFMA-Strata L7 Cost Accounting Adoption Model (L7™). The decision support leader will also share how Owensboro transitioned to StrataJazz® in 2018, how they followed this roadmap to more advanced cost accounting, and how other organizations can improve their cost accounting process through a new platform, new processes, and new partnership.

These are only a few of the highly-anticipated Lift19 speakers that Strata clients can expect to see and meet at this year’s Summit.

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October 08, 2019
Written by Strata Decision Technology