Strata Powered by Snowflake: The New Era of Advanced Analytic Capabilities for Strata Clients

September 13, 2022

As challenges in healthcare become more complex and interconnected, hospitals and health systems need better access to trusted, actionable data to make informed business decisions. Given today’s dynamic environment, and as healthcare organizations continue to grow through M&A, healthcare providers are in greater need of solutions that offer flexibility and scalability of their data architecture.

More and more, you and your peers in healthcare are turning to solutions powered by public cloud-based services to enable endlessly scalable infrastructure, advanced capabilities like machine learning and pattern recognition and comparisons of peer data for better insight discovery. To solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, you cannot do it alone. You need access to true partners who can help you expand your reach and help you take advantage of innovative, digitally transformative solutions.

With a customer network of over 2,000 hospitals and more than 400 healthcare delivery systems, Strata has joined the Powered by Snowflake program to further advance their overall cloud strategy and data capabilities. The partnership with Snowflake better enables organizations to mobilize data through secure discovery and sharing, through a single data experience that can span multiple clouds and geographies.

Healthcare providers in the Strata network can benefit from the capabilities of the Snowflake Data Cloud powering the StrataJazz® solution and StrataSphere® data-sharing platform. Through StrataJazz and StrataSphere, clients can:

  • Benefit from unlimited scalability and powerful processing
  • Integrate their data systems and solve complex problems
  • Collaborate and share data with other organizations in your ecosystem

“Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud is helping us turn our incredible store of data into an even more powerful source of insight for our clients by accelerating our ability to ingest, curate and share data back with our clients creating a virtuous cycle to help solve some of the most complex problems in healthcare – the cost of it,” explains Steve Lefar, Chief Strategy Officer, Strata.

Benefit from Scalability and Performance

The Snowflake Data Cloud will provide totally elastic computational capability that scales to an organization’s needs and usage, whether you are a large health system or a smaller community hospital. Organizations can access advanced features not available in other platforms to support activities, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, scalable reporting and direct data access. Along with unlimited scalability and more advanced analytics, the partnership enables predictable and fast performance for data-heavy operations, such as reporting and long-running processes. We at Strata are seeing massive improvements, as much as 50-80%, in processing time.

Integrate Data Systems

The Snowflake Data Cloud will enable flexibility for managing data assets, allowing data to reach the groups who need it and making it easier to expand to other analytics tools and warehouses. As healthcare IT leaders continue to champion cloud-based solutions as part of their ongoing strategy, they can leverage cloud technology to enable data storage for the right amount of time with the right level of access for significant savings. Smoother interoperability between data sources means organizations can leverage trusted data, collaborate with peers and take action based on the insights.

Collaborate and Share Data

Strata’s partnership with Snowflake through the Powered by Snowflake program will facilitate necessary data and insight sharing between healthcare delivery systems. Strata clients participating in StrataSphere can leverage trillions of data points from the Strata network, taking advantage of natural language processing and predictive analytics to normalize, standardize, map and clean data across tens of billions of records. StrataSphere leverages accurate, trustworthy and comprehensive data from StrataJazz and applies advanced machine learning techniques to provide a more complete understanding of an organization’s financial health in comparison to its peers. Participating organizations can use the resulting insights for enhanced, data-driven financial planning.

“Partnering with a market leader like Strata — with their access to trillions of data points — is exactly why the Snowflake Data Cloud was developed. Snowflake was built to help leading ecosystem partners accelerate time to value and take advantage of the unique global and cross-cloud connectivity – which is exactly what Strata clients need and can expect as our partnership continues to evolve,” according to Scott Schilling, Senior Director of Global Partner Development, Snowflake.

Data sharing has immense potential to empower healthcare and its leaders, to improve how organizations plan and perform. The Snowflake Data Cloud and Powered by Snowflake program help Strata provide healthcare organizations with new possibilities for how to use and learn from data. More and more, healthcare IT leaders are embracing a cloud-based strategy with solutions that can scale to match your needs, integrate disparate data sources and present new and advanced ways to analyze and report on data that will enable action. With the Powered by Snowflake program, Strata is helping healthcare providers leverage the power of their network and data to continue to fulfil their mission and serve their patients and community.

About Snowflake

Snowflake enables organizations to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Clients use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies.