A Unique Data-Sharing Platform and Network

StrataSphere is a unique and comprehensive data-sharing platform that helps providers leverage the power of a network that represents approximately 25% of all provider spend in U.S. healthcare.

To help providers leverage the power of their network, Strata Decision Technology has created StrataSphere, a unique and comprehensive data-sharing platform leveraging the best practices and insights of our network for our network of over 400 health systems.

StrataSphere utilizes machine learning to leverage trillions of data points from this network of providers already using StrataJazz for financial planning, analytics, and performance. For this reason, participation in StrataSphere requires no additional data submission or work effort.

StrataSphere leverages accurate, trustworthy, and comprehensive data from StrataJazz and applies advanced machine learning techniques to provide a more complete understanding of an organization’s financial health in comparison to its peers. Whereas existing comparative analytics and benchmarking solutions rely primarily on public datasets, StrataSphere provides accurate, actionable, and timely comparisons of KPI metrics.

Learn about the newly launched National Patient and Procedure Volume Tracker™, an analysis of more than two million patient visits and procedures from 51 healthcare delivery systems in 40 states. The tracker and subsequent reports indicate that hospitals are experiencing significant volume drops in key service line areas as a result of COVID-19.


Leverage the power of your network

Actionable, Trustworthy Data

can be translated and analyzed across health systems, entities, and service lines

Advanced Capabilities

including Benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Industry Insights and Comparative Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and the Development of Financial Standards

Machine Learning

natural language processing, and predictive analytics are used to normalize, standardize, map and clean data across tens of billions of records

Collaborative Testing

that provide insight to enhance your planning.  Participating organizations receive customized analytics that can be compared to the broader StrataSphere insights

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