Does The Hospital Capital Budget Have a Solution?

The healthcare industry is one of the only industries around the world that will be needed into the unforeseeable future. The field has been continuously growing for centuries, and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Everyday, technological advances are being made in some entity that contributes to the healthcare system. From medical devices to pharmaceuticals, improvements in the healthcare world can alter, enhance, and save the lives of individuals around the globe. As our knowledge of these matters expands, the care in which patients receive expands, too. In the end, improved patient outcomes is the goal of any hospital, clinic, or practice, regardless of other differences the healthcare providers may have.

When determining new ways to increase patient outcomes, there are a multitude of different components that play a major part in the care that patients receive. WIthin every level of a healthcare organization, from the ground up, the choices and decisions that administrators, physicians and other personnel make, have a significant effect on the lives of their patients. Making informed decisions with reason often takes an understanding of the implications that the decision will have down the road. If decisions are not made taking the needs of patients into account, the end goal of quality care may be cut short.

Early Decision Making For Long Term Success

Decision making is one important factor to long term success for healthcare providers, large and small, but is not the only aspect that hospitals and clinics need to take into account. Healthcare organizations who seek longevity, as well as heightened patient outcomes in the present, have to take financial planning into account. Healthcare organizations who brace for what lies ahead are better prepared for changes as they come. With healthcare markets changing day-to-day, it is not always easy to determine where funds are best spent, and how capital budgets should be balanced. However, those who are ready for the many possibilities of what the future may hold for the healthcare industry, can better strategically plan their financial future.

Financial security is made possible by those who plan where funds should be spent, while looking for areas where costs can be improved upon. There is typically a great deal of money wasted by healthcare providers who are not continuously looking for areas to increase efficiency. While some funds must be spent religiously on entities that are a must, other times substitute devices, contract analysis, vendor leverage and negotiations, and dozens of other metrics need to be looked at carefully. In these areas, money is often either being spent unnecessarily or there is a lack of input from some sectors that may be overlooked.

Understanding Financial Success

Strata Decision understands how imperative financial planning is to the success of healthcare providers. By taking a closer look at where hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations tend to fault in the planning and decision making stages, we have created a powerful system for improving the efficiency of any hospital or clinic. With increased efficiency comes improved patient outcomes, which value as much as our customers do.

StrataJazz Is The Solution

StrataJazz is our comprehensive, cloud-based platform that was created with financial planning, decision support, and continuous cost improvements in mind. The platform incorporates powerful analytics with data driven research, providing healthcare systems across the country with the ability to become more productive in all aspects of their business. Our customers see a vast change in the performance of leaders and employees across the board, reflecting in the positive feedback they receive from patients and their families. Not only do healthcare organizations see the impact of StrataJazz current day, but also in the long run.

One of StrataJazz’s main focuses is on providing healthcare organizations with the opportunity to strategically plan ahead, financially. There are a few main metrics involved with financial planning, which Strata Decision honed in on when designing our innovative platform. One area that is crucial for healthcare providers to consider is the capital budget. A budget allows an organization to better understand which funds can be spent on a certain project or section, and how much spending should be allotted to each. Creating a sound budget allows for more useful investments and less room for error in purchasing.

StrataJazz incorporates proven methodologies and automated analytics into a hospital or clinic’s existing budget, saving time and money. Our system identifies risks and opportunities based on different budgeting scenarios, resulting in more precise action plans that are will produce intended results. Service line volumes combined with statistics depict the changes that are likely to arise with changes in differing quantities of volume. StrataJazz also gives healthcare providers piece of mind, as the platform sends notifications, integrates security management, and ensures multiple levels of approval so that the hospital’s capital budget can be trusted.

Integrating Stratajazz

Additionally, StrataJazz reports on the productivity and profit produced by monthly reports, holding those responsible accountable for budget discretions. Managers can now better understand any differences in the budget and actual output, with in depth reporting on performance. StrataJazz displays performance indicators in functional, easy to interpret graphs, forms, and year by year comparisons. Specific targets, like overtime, can be tracked against hours worked, so that departments can be made aware of any inefficiencies that can be improved. Patient volume can also be correlated to staffing, to determine whether or not overtime or call back is a necessity at a given time. If there is an area that needs developing, StrataJazz will make the need clear, allowing executives and leaders to bring facts about what needs improving back to their teams.

Without a capital budget in place, healthcare providers may be spending funds wastefully, not giving any thought to where money is best used. Strata Decision has produced a platform that takes the tough work out of financial planning and decision making for healthcare organizations. When our customers integrate StrataJazz into their healthcare system, the quality in performance and patient care increases dramatically, culminating in more desireable patient outcomes.

Strategic, sophisticated capital budgeting for hospitals is essential for the survival and success of these much needed healthcare facilities. When hospital financial experts design budgets and capital spending plans, they must consider the plans’ degree of impact on the overall view of facility spending vs. cost savings. The important interests of several different factions are at stake in this type of hospital capital budget spending plan.

Patients want itemized accounting records of exactly what services they are paying for. At the same time, hospitals are seeking new and better ways of maintaining financial stability and promoting high levels of patient satisfaction. Lawmakers are striving to keep major insurance enterprises content while keeping costs low. The difficult task of hospital leaders and financial experts is to design effective budgets that meet everyone’s requirements.

Before approving spending requests, financial officers of healthcare facilities must evaluate the likelihood that each expenditure will help the facility meet its short and long-term goals. The ROI of each spending project must be fully assessed before approval. Many spending requests may seem attractive, yet not be necessary or take priority positions for funding allotments. Also, there may be possible lower cost alternative projects that will render the same results. Other proposed expenditures may not appear as especially valuable or beneficial to the facility at first, but could actually return impressive ROI when implemented.

As a member of your hospital or healthcare center budgetary evaluation team for expenditures, you can guide your facility in the right direction by making wise capital spending decisions. When you choose to approve capital expenditures with high degrees of ROI, the specific needs of greatest value and importance for your top quality patient treatment facility will be met, well within budgetary limits.

It is true that the monetary requirements and spending preferences of each hospital or other medical treatment center are unique. However, any such facility needs expert strategic hospital capital budget planning and skillful implementation for current and future success and finest quality patient care options.