Let’s Get Tracking – A Working Session on How to Track Your Savings Initiatives

The type of Continuous Improvement client has been changing recently. While we still have clients using the solution to identify cost reduction opportunities as a way to achieve a larger savings target, many clients are not starting at ground zero. Now that the need to be fiscally conscious has settled into the healthcare industry over the last few years, a lot of clients are deep into their cost reduction programs by the time Continuous Improvement is implemented. This means automated initiative tracking and centralized project management is priority # 1, identification of new variation-based savings opportunities is priority #2.

Join us as we do a deep dive into Continuous Improvement’s Org Defined tracking capabilities for initiatives ongoing and active within our client base. This includes a demo of current solution functionality and highlighting coming developments to improve this functionality even more.

• Understand the current solution functionality when it comes to Org Define initiative tracking
• See the planned development vision for enhanced Org Defined solution functionality
• Emphasize the importance of automated monthly tracking and centralized project management that the tool provides
• Incorporate automated monthly tracking beyond common, typically GL-based initiatives to also include Quality-aligned projects as well

November 13, 2018