Health Care Financial Planning TechnologyImproved financial performance is a product of better planning, budgeting and control. As providers shift from volume to value, they can’t rely on spreadsheets and manual data integration to generate accurate financial plans, let alone translate those plans into solid operating and capital budgets.  What's needed is an integrated platform including long-range forecasting, capital planning and operating budgeting to provide the insight you need and the control you require.

StrataJazz software analyzes, manages and quantifies data to paint a picture of your organization’s financial health and its path moving forward. With built-in sensitivity testing and what if scenario analysis, StrataJazz helps you more accurately plan for what’s ahead, and proactively adjust operating plans and budgets as needed. 

  • Strategic Planning

    StrataJazz provides financial leaders insight and understanding into how their organizational goals, operational plans and market factors will impact financial performance in the short and long term.

  • Capital Planning

    StrataJazz provides financial leaders flexibility, control and transparency when planning and tracking capital requirements for equipment, IT and infrastructure needs. 

  • Operating Budgeting

    StrataJazz provides for the efficient and intuitive management of budget processes, evaluation of future risk factors and clear management reporting.

  • eLearning

    eLearning provides StrataJazz users with role and scenario-based training that drives financial and operational performance.