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The Problem

Finding opportunities to eliminate waste and improve efficiency is mission critical for healthcare providers who are operating at razor thin margins. One-third of hospitals are operating in the red and all are constantly in search of ways to reduce unnecessary cost and use their resources more effectively. However, managing cost reduction in today’s healthcare delivery system requires abandoning old ways of thinking which are manual, time-consuming and, more often than not, ineffective. A new path forward is needed.

The Solution

StrataJazz is healthcare’s most unique tool for Continuous Improvement and Margin Management, leveraging automated savings algorithms to identify unnecessary variation and waste combined with a tracking tool and workflow that drives accountability and action. Your team can set up process improvement initiatives and automatically track the success of the project at service line, hospital, and health system levels.

StrataJazz® is a single, modular, cloud-based platform that brings healthcare providers a “flywheel” to better plan, analyze and perform…driving margin to fuel their clinical mission.

Continuous Improvement Modules

StrataJazz analyzes patient populations to identify sources of care variation. Automated algorithms break down supply, pharmacy, lab, radiology, length of stay, therapeutic services and operating room time variances allowing you to drill into the detail at the physician and patient level and gain an understanding unnecessary variation.

  • Identifies variances at the service line level and the subset of services and at the physician level to understand specific opportunities for performance improvement and drive accountability.
  • Automatically identifies and quantifies opportunities to ensure you spend less time analyzing numbers and more time working with physicians and clinical leaders to improve care practices.
  • Provides best practice case type procedure definitions as well as the opportunity to utilize your own definitions.

StrataJazz uses historical census and historical staffing information to identify staffing misalignments and quantify labor optimization opportunities so you can make the most informed and cost-effective decisions without impacting clinical care.

  • Quickly determines if department managers are above or below the staffing per unit of service goals for their specific cost centers.
  • Promotes meaningful conversations between finance, clinicians and operations by emphasizing quality and value, not just cost.

StrataJazz leverages Quality Variation IndicatorsTM to help hospitals identify the impact of harm events on both cost and margins.  This allows hospitals to review clinical and financial outcomes data together to gain an understanding of the financial impact of harm so that they can invest in improvements.

  • Identifies savings opportunities associated with the reduction of adverse events. This allows clinical and financial leaders to create common goals for investing in and improving patient care.
  • Reviews adverse events at the entity, specialty, physician level and patient population level to identify where clinical improvements will have the largest patient impact that are aligned with how your process improvement teams are set up.
  • Eliminates time spent querying your data and manipulating spreadsheets to understand your clinical outcomes data by automatically reporting improvements and associated cost savings.

StrataJazz® Mobile provides users with dashboards that include key financial data, visualizations, and analytics from the StrataJazz platform to help them make crucial decisions while on the go. If you are an existing Strata customer, StrataJazz Mobile does not require additional product licensing, cost or implementation effort.

  • Gain mobile access to your StrataJazz dashboards on Apple and Android devices
  • Easily navigate with sleek & modern mobile interface to access visualizations and information
  • Help clinical, operational, and financial teams make more informed decisions while on the go
  • Manage security access and dashboard access for users
  • Use Executive Dashboards on StrataJazz Mobile to access data while on the go
  • Use the Service Line Scorecard for visibility into IP/OP volumes, average LOS, and key cost drivers
  • Use the Physician Scorecard to identify the variances in case volume against the target, the average cost per case, and the trends in new patient visits

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StrataJazz has successfully passed the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Peer Review process. The Peer Reviewed process consists of a thorough eleven-step high-level screening process by current customers, prospects, and expert HFMA Peer Review panel members judging its performance claims were reviewed based on effectiveness, quality and usability, price, value and customer and technical support.

*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that these healthcare business solutions have met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of these healthcare business solutions or that any results will be obtained.

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Our Difference

The “Gold Standard” for Financial Planning, Analytics and Performance

#1 in KLAS

For 15 years, we have received the prestigious “Best in KLAS” rating from the “Consumer Reports” of healthcare information technology. This #1 rating for Business Decision Support reflects our focus on delivering world-class experiences for our customers.


Our customer base includes over 400 of our nation’s most prominent healthcare delivery systems. With over 2,000 hospitals in the Strata network, there is not only safety in numbers, but a ton of learning and best practices that are leveraged.

Complete Financial Platform

Our solutions are the enterprise-wide single source of truth for financial planning, decision support, and continuous improvement—one application to cover the entire continuum of care.

Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

Our cloud-based solutions require limited IT staff time for implementation and little to no time for maintenance and upgrades. The end result: lower total cost of ownership.

Proven Integration

Our solutions integrate with leading EHR, ERP, and EDW solutions, including two-way integration with EPIC. We are experts at delivering actionable insights by marrying clinical and financial data.

Laser Focused for 20+ Years

For over 20 years we have been 100% focused on building and delivering our solution for healthcare organizations. We are not distracted by other products or markets – we have one product and we built 100% of it.

Rapid Implementation & Results

We consistently implement our solution in less than 50% of the time of other companies. We pride ourselves on delivering a 98% improvement in efficiency and millions of dollars in cost savings.

Financially Solid

We are part of Roper Technologies, a publicly-traded holding company (NYSE: ROP) with a $45 billion market cap. Our financial stability allows us to invest and innovate to better serve our clients.


We provide a money-back guarantee and no customer has ever exercised this option. We don’t just reduce the risk of implementing an enterprise application, we eliminate it.